Big Game Hunting

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The pride of Argentina big game hunters is the red stag. A magnificent animal with an impressive rack, the red stag is hunted in the Andes or in the Buenos Aires mountains amidst beautiful scenery. Other species of big game include axis deer, fallow deer, wild boar, Indian buffalo, black buck, mouflon, wild goat, four horned ram, Texas Dall sheep, collared peccary and Puma. Hunting takes place on private property using stands and stalking on foot or horseback.

Accommodations are in comfortable classic estancias and include single or double rooms, private bathrooms, heating and unforgettable cuisine. After a long day┬┤s hunt, staff are on hand to ensure that guests have everything they need to relax comfortably.

In addition to hunting, the area offers a wide range of additional activities, including fishing, golf, horseback riding, water rafting and hiking.