About Us

Sierra Outfitters treats each client as a welcome guest in our home, Argentina. We know that our clients view their visit to Argentina as the fulfillment of a dream that they want to be perfect in every way. Accordingly, our staff of trained professionals adheres to the highest operational and safety standards relative to hunting and lodge services, ensuring unmatched quality in our hunts, fishing trips, meals and accommodations.
As sportsmen ourselves, we understand the level of expectations our guests have while embarking upon an adventure in Argentina. We are proud to offer access to the finest hunting and fishing locations in the country. In Salta, for example, we are the only outfitter operating!
At Sierra Outfitters, we attend to every detail to ensure that our reputation as the sportsman´s ultimate destination in the world remains intact as it has for over 20 years. We invite you to enjoy the natural wonders of our country and join us for the adventure of a lifetime.

Our Lodges

It's not all about the shooting… Sierra Outfitters is well-known for our beautiful lodges, fine wines, creative Argentine cuisine, professional guides and attentive service.

Heralded by the most recognized names in wing-shooting as the best dove and pigeon shooting lodge in Argentina, Chacu is quickly earning a reputation as one of the world's most elite hunting destinations.

Chacu Lodge

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Built in 1904, the mansion of the El Retiro Estancia is one of the most historic and elegant of its kind in Argentina. El Retiro compares to few hunting operations, both in terms of natural beauty and great hunting.

El Retiro

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San Fernando is quickly earning a reputation as one of the world's most elite dorado fishing place in the country. Avid fisherman's and the most prestigious names among booking agents recognize both the impressive quality of Salta's new place, San Fernando.

San Fernando

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This is a first rate lodge located in Buenos Aires Province offering combination duck and geese hunting with a short transfer to the Bahia Blanca area. Quality dove and pigeon shoots are available.

La Mariana

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Gary R. Zahn, Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Eared doves' wingbeats as the birds erupt from late-afternoon feeding fields. "Imagine hearing the subdued yet audible roar of more than a million olling in waves across harvested soybean and peanut fields, the doves accumulate in locust-like swarms, then join undulating flight lines headed for the nearby roost. Like spokes in a wheel, incoming flights approach to refill the staging and watering areas, then depart for their nighttime haunts. Words cannot do justice to such an awe-inspiring spectacle of nature."

Wilbur Smith, Renowned Author

With Sierra Outfitters, I had THE greatest hunt day of my life and I have hunted in almost in every part of the world, including 15 trips to Cordoba. Never have I seen that many birds for that many hours.

R. Moody, S. Antonio, Texas

We have never seen something like this. Quality and quantity. The best, the place to go.

C. Maloy, Winter Garden, Florida

I have been to Corboda five times before and my analogy is that Cordoba is a ford and Chacu in Salta is a ferrari. Our trip was that good!